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Summer skin - Home Made face oil

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Adventures in Bali June 2018 - First stop Uluwatu


Summer Pants Posted on 14 May 19:10 , 0 comments

I've been working on a new collection  you can see it on the home page however I have some favourite pants to share. Theses are pretty comfortable too I must say myself. Crafted from floral lace, vintage corded lace and mesh to give that extra comfort you want. 
You can find my cosywear range here

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Scans from my solo travels to Portugal - 2016

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Lost in the mountains of  Grindelwald - Switzerland Diaries 2017

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  I have always been into photography especially fashion photography so when I get the chance I try to collaborate with models and other fashion creative when possible. Late its been harder to find the time to but this is a shoot I did when it was still sunny in London with beautiful petite model Deedee Clayton, around my local area. She's wearing a few new pieces and a few autumn winter pieces as well take a look below :)
All shoes featured in the shoot are by Pretty Small Shoes who hand make shoes for petite sized ladies shoe sizes varie from size 13 UK to Size 3 shoes. Their styles are limitless you must check them out :)

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I have been lucky enough to have my work shot by Chris Jarvis who is smashing it in the  lingerie photography scene. Capturing pieces beautifully in film I've been in love with his latest shoot he did using YLLIN. Take a look below. 


Jess John
  Jess John Lingerie  




Model Jess John
You can see the full editorial featured in Nakid Magazine, Her Beauty Magazine and Sticks & Stones Agency .

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Going to tell you a little a bit about YLLIN to start my first blog post on here!

I started making clothes from when I was around 14 year old, was very excited to learn a new skill. I started by drawing around my body flat on old brightly coloured orange Indian sari then cut it out and sewed the two pieces together and bam I had it, a pair of trousers fastened with some string around the waist. Though most would not feel comfortable wearing it as there was no room for movement I managed to regularly prance around in it with joy until they ripped but that didn't matter as I could fix them again :D

Since then I dedicated my passion into fashion... just joking but I did become obsessed with clothes especially as the internet started to develop I was able to see so many style of clothing which I felt like I need to have. That's when my passion for sewing began. I didn't always enjoy the sewing part but it was more the creating and final outcome which drove me and that's how eventually YLLIN came about.

So here it is right now me making collections in my home slowly growing and still learning.

Yllin Polaroid

   Yllin Polaroids


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